Dr. Phillip Yoo D.C. and the Star Trek LaserMed Team


Meet the experts who are helping people like you achieve pain free, active and healthy living without drugs, injections or surgery.

LaserMed is driven by a team that is highly experienced in cutting-edge laser, chiropractic and magnetic medical technology. Our professionals are driven to help others overcome chronic pain because they understand at a deep level how the constant suffering can chip away at your quality of life. It is their mission to help you put an end to your pain and regain your quality of life.

Phillip Yoo, D.C., LaserMed Director & Founder

Dr. Yoo’s Roots in Combining Traditional with Non-traditional Medicine

Growing up as a medical doctor’s son, Dr. Phillip Yoo D.C. was instilled with an inquisitive nature to look beyond obvious symptoms to uncover the root cause of problems. In addition to studying pre-med at Michigan State University, Chiropractic at the National University of Health Sciences in Chicago, and completing continuing education seminars at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Yoo D.C. spent over 20 years conducting hands-on research around the world. In doing so, he discovered how to combine traditional and alternative medicines to treat chronic pain.


While working as a medical missionary in Central America, he experimented in combining prolotherapy with acupuncture with decent results. He then ran 2 pain clinics in Korea, where he treated 4-star U.S. Army, Air Force and Special Forces Generals. He traveled to Europe to further study chiropractic sports medicine and was invited to treat athletes at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. During that time, he teamed up with other sports doctors to combine Eastern and Western medicines. Results were great.

After Dr. Yoo’s research, which spanned 4 continents, he concluded that although the combination of allopathic and alternative therapies benefited most people, there were still stubborn cases that didn’t respond to anything—drugs, injections, surgery, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc. He knew there had to be something to help folks suffering from chronic pain.

Dr. Yoo’s “Eureka!” Moment

Dr. Yoo D.C. discovered Chiropractic and Laser Medicine by accident—literally. Upon returning home to America, he injured his back. The pain was intense. Life as he knew it changed in an instant. He couldn’t play sports. He couldn’t concentrate. He couldn’t lift up his young son and daughter. He couldn’t even drive his car without sharp, electrical-like pain shooting down his leg.

That’s when he discovered chiropractic and Hi-powered Laser Therapy. He noticed a difference after 1 treatment. What a relief! Within a few weeks the sciatic pain disappeared and he regained his full health. Incidentally, he later suffered a bad case of shingles which caused peripheral neuropathy pain. He developed neuropathic numbness and tingling in his foot and ankle. Again, it was Laser Therapy which saved the day.

After years of searching, Dr. Yoo D.C. had finally discovered the Holy Grail of non-invasive pain management. That’s when he founded LaserMed to help other people who were living life on the sidelines due to chronic pain.

In Demand by Professional Athletes, Celebrities, Military Special Forces, Veterans & Regular Folks!

Today, patients travel to Southern California from all over the world to treat their chronic pain at LaserMed. Dr. Yoo D.C. leverages 17 years of professional experience and is always on the hunt for the newest, non-invasive, pain-free medical technologies. He lectures and trains other doctors, participates in continuing education at world-renowned institutes and universities such as Harvard and conducts clinical studies on new methods for treating chronic pain.

Best-Selling Author & Seen on TV

Dr. Yoo D.C. is the best-selling author of Transform Your Life, Business & Health, which he co-authored with Brian Tracy and other leading experts from around the world. He also wrote the ground-breaking book series 21st Century Pain Relief.  Dr. Yoo D.C. has been featured in the USA Today, Los Angeles Times and Orange County Register. He’s been interviewed on shows featured on the Bravo, A&E, E, CBS2 and KCAL9 networks.

The Personal Side …

When Dr. Yoo D.C. is not out saving the world from pain, he enjoys spending time with his wife Angela and kids David and Kathy. He and his family are very active in their church and the community. Dr. Yoo D.C. is passionate about fitness, currently an avid crossfit athlete and a former body builder. The Yoo D.C. family are adventurers at heart, and regularly go camping, hiking and cruising.


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